What is Apymel

The Small and Medium-sized Dairy Enterprises Association (APYMEL), is a representative company of the Dairy SMEs at a national level. It has been working for 29 years to strengthen Dairy SMEs and is present in 90% of the dairy basin.  Almost 90% of APYMEL’s member companies produce up to 50,000 litres of milk per day and 82% have up to 50 employees. 75% of APYMEL member workers live in villages of up to 12,000 inhabitants. APYMEL’s member companies are labour-intensive employers and create genuine posts in their communities, which favours local development.

APYMEL has a national management, a team of skilled trainers and a high-level know-how of the industry, workers and government agencies that have an influence on the area. With willingness, knowledge and ability to coordinate the different areas of work, APYMEL seeks to strengthen the organization, Dairy SMEs and the local economies where these companies operate.

Our History

APYMEL was set up in 1988 in the district of Navarro, Province of Buenos Aires, when a group of dairy farmers who had decided to venture into industrial activity realized that they had the same problems and did not compete with one another. With CREA-like Group mechanics, they began to tread the difficult path of the Association. The first chairman’s great vocation of service, Eng. Oscar Paludi, brought this idea of the Association of Small and Medium Dairy Enterprises to the Argentinian dairy basin and to all the offices in several provincial governments.

In 2006, a different activity began due to communications with colleagues from other provinces, which resulted in an amendment of the statutes and became a national representative entity as of 2009.


 5 million litres per day / 3,000 dairy farms


6 provinces


Production 900 tonnes of powdered milk a month


Production 900 tonnes of powdered milk a month


Cheese Export per month

Our Vision

  •  Develop alliances and synergies both internally and externally

  • Provide tools and services that enhance the competitiveness of its members

  • Actively participate in the sector’s policies

Our Mission

  • To be a representative association of the dairy SME area, to become recognized and decisive in the development of policies. Our main purpose is to strengthen the competitiveness of our members with social responsibility. 

Our Goals

Contribute to the progress of the dairy activity in Argentina.

Represent the interests of the members before official and private organizations.

Seek technical improvement in the production and trade of dairy products and spread technical knowledge.

Promote the production, domestic trade and export of dairy products.

Our Values

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